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"Hauntingly beautiful"
-The New York Times

"Transports the listener on a breathtaking Odyssey of the mind body and soul"

"Fans of really beautiful music should definitely checkout Mehdi"
-Los Angeles Times

"Music that sounds the way life should feel"
-Universal Studios

"Close your eyes and let Mehdi's music take you to a state of elated bliss, his music is refreshing and truly alive"

"A Rich Paradise of Sheer Audio Bliss"
-LA Magazine

"Beautiful and special instrumental works, simply very well constructed, where quality is a priority
and crafting a wonderful sonic scape seems to come naturally".
- Midwest Record Recap

" Absolutely magical music that uplifts the spirit as it caresses the heart"
- MTS Music

" We think you'll find Mehdi’s music an entirely new listening experience. It stimulates, soothes and captivates the listener"
-California Philharmonic News

" Top notch music from the heart, the album titles say it all "
-NAV Magazine

Will Have You Smiling From Ear to Ear"

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