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"This music was conceived and recorded during some wonderful periods of my life. It was inspired by hardships that became valuable lessons and the wisdom of some really wonderful people. I feel honored to be performing it for people of many different cultures and backgrounds. It is a gift to all those people who embraced me with their kindness, smiles and applause".

Absolutely Mehdi! What can I say! Another sheer brilliant masterpiece from my New Age music guru. The flow of music from the start till end speaks more than a million words and the majestic feel and aura of the music transcends you to a higher place. There are just no words to describe the wonder and myth of Mehdi's music. I feel like I've been listening to Mehdi all my life. Having listened to all his albums over the years, Mehdi has simply carved a niche in the music world and once again, a huge thank you to the Creator for bringing such an immensely talented person into the world. Way to go Mehdi!!
-Ramanesh Keith Nair from Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

I watched Mehdi's concert on PBS and instantly fell in love with his beautiful music. I usually play these CDs while working or gardening at our house on Maui and it really creates a wonderful atmosphere. We live very close to the ocean and recently noticed some dolphins close to the shore. I didnít think much of it, but later noticed that they seem to come when I play this music. I called some friends over and have since tested out this theory on many different occasions. Itís become a big conversation piece between us over here. Although we enjoy many different artists, this music just seems to get the best response from even the animals. I donít know how they do it, maybe itís the warm tone of the flute or the lush strings and delicate piano. Maybe itís the overall feel of the music with the huanting drums, but we all believe that there is magic in these CDs. Mehdi has a very special gift and many fans of all types for life here on Maui.
-Sandra & Joseph Rensin Maui Hawaii

Warning!! If you buy one Mehdi CD, you will buy them all so get'em all now or you'll kick yourself later. I am about to order his new CD. Love the John Tesh, Yanni, Brickman stuff etc., but find Mehdi to be a tad more interesting. I do find this artist's style to have an unusual appeal, and not at all repetitive.
-Weldon Mitchell from Mount Airy MD

I don't know what to say??? Mehdi is amazing, his music is amazing and every CD is amazing. There is nothing bad to say about any of his music. I am totally in love with his style, grace and workmanship. If you love truly Beautiful instrumentals then go grab these CDs. It is definitely worth the money.
-Lori Mclynn from Seattle Washington

Just got Instrumental Evolution Volume 6 two days ago. I have been listening to it almost non-stop at work. Just listened to Flight of the Butterfly for what must be the 10th time...and it keeps getting better. I have been looking for this sort of music for some time...unobtrusive background music...but also something occasionally worth turning up and losing myself in. In a word, it's perfect. Now I just have to purchase the other volumes...
-Kurt Fostrem from Cross Creek, FL

This is definitely one of the best Instrumental collections ever...I purchased the gift set a while ago after listening to samples at SoothingMusic.Com and these remarkable CDs have not left my car CD player ever since. I absolutely love every one of these CDs to the point that I have just about worn them out. The best compliment that I can give the artist Mehdi is his overall diversity from one CD to the next, not to mention the superb quality of his compositions. Another thing that's very nice is that there are no repeat songs on any of his CDs. Being a person who doesn't easily give praise. I can honestly say that this collection is worthy of my highest recommendation and much more.
-Roger Nives from the Netherlands

I heard Mehdi's music on our local radio station and immediately called to find out who it was. My children even enjoy it like no other music. I must tell you how much your music has moved us. Extremely beautiful and very well done. Thank you for your awesome talent!
-Rick Jorgenson Santa Fe NM

A few months ago I heard this absolutely brilliant artist named "Mehdi" on a prog radio network. Itís incredible and rather unbelievable how everyone I ask has never heard of this master. I love all the samples so much I had a hard time deciding which CD to buy, so I took a chance and got the Gift set and boy am I glad I did...every song on every album is great. No more fishing through the CD to find the best tracks. They really are all that good...Thank you for some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard.
-Kyle Eagan MN

My name is Timm Etters. I am an artist from the western suburbs of Chicago and last summer I was in Santa Barbara with my wife and you were performing at the Arts and Crafts Festival. I have to tell you, not only did I instantly buy your CD upon hearing your music, but I have listened to it on the average about twice a week since then. When I am painting or drawing, I always have music in the background. Rarely radio. I have around 2,000 CDs in my personal collection and your "Instrumental Odyssey" is among my favorites. Not only does the music serve as somewhat of a soundtrack for my life, but when I bought it I had to laugh because the name of my Fine Art Co. is "Odyssey Creations". I watched you perform along the beach and your passion for your music is quite evident. Usually I'm on the receiving end of letters like this but I felt the need to just let you know how your music has affected my life. If you have other music, please let me know how, where and when I can get it. Do you have a website at all?? I would like to talk regarding selling your music on our website. Any way I can help get your music out to the world. Thanks again for your music.
-Timm Etters Artist Odyssey Creations

Here's a rare jewel that has presented itself to me, touched and affected me in ways that I can never completely express to you. Mehdi has earned my deep, abiding respect and admiration. ESCAPE is utterly unbelievable in its delicate nuances of simple beauties and its profound depths into timeless odysseys. Mehdi's masterful use of acoustic and electric guitar, violin, cello, flute, piano and percussion, weave layer upon layer; fading in, out and flowing over, under and through the listener to create nothing short of a dreamscape of fantasy. From the lovely "One Child's Dream," filled with wonder, to the introspective, bittersweet "Memories," ESCAPE conveys all the emotion my heart can hold and then some, bursting outwardly bringing spontaneous smiles along with tears of joy. Since ESCAPE is so close to my heart, I have tried listening to it during numerous activities and it inspires me in each and every one! "Music that sounds the way the world should feel" is absolutely true. Mehdi was born to do this in my opinion. Please check out the samples of all his music at You are surely to be soothed. With Mehdi and his uplifting, soul-stirring music around, the world for me transforms into a magical place where ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. "If I had only one thing to tell the world, it would be to love. Blessed are those who understand what miracles love can accomplish, for it is the power of love that makes all dreams a reality." Mehdi Soar!
-Kellye Werner, Nashville TN ( reviewer Soaring Heart)

I was in NYC recently for the first time in about twenty years, and after the incidents of 9/11. On a beautiful, sunny spring Sunday afternoon, my friends and I were walking through Times Square, feeling a bit overwhelmed and maybe a bit on guard, gawking at all the techno-light show advertising. As we neared the center of all this frenzied activity, I noticed some street salespeople were playing a hypnotic sound that filled the square. I was entranced by the juxtaposition of the busy people with this heavenly music as a soundtrack. It truly made me feel warm and fuzzy all over and any fears and misgivings toward the city were gone. I did not stop to ask what this music was, however. Weeks later, after searching the web and listening to every sample of new age, world, and techno sounds out there, I finally found the beautiful music that I heard on that day. The driving percussion that gets the blood flowing and the haunting flute/pipes that sound so sad and cheerful at the same time. Nowhere else was this combination found until today. I am currently online to purchase your music. Thank you so much.
-Ron Williams

My daughter (18 months) and I listened to you perform at the LA Marathon Health & Fitness Expo in early March 2000 and we both fell instantly in love with the wonderful, soothing, and enchanting sounds you so lovingly produce. My daughter, sitting in her stroller, danced and cooed and cheered at each wonderful piece and was most demonstrative of her distress when we had to move on. She was, in fact, so insistent that we return to hear more of your music that we returned on Saturday and again stayed and listened for over an hour. We bought your Instrumental Dream and your Instrumental Imagery and I just ordered the rest of your remarkable albums online. My daughter and I love to just sit and listen to your music...over and over. It brings as much peace and tranquility to her life as does to mine. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.
-Clark Keith Albuquerque NM

Mehdi (pronounced Meddie) writes music to bridge the gap between contemporary instrumental and alternative music. The primitive elements merge with divine ecstasy as each piece takes you into a visual musical journey that seems to transcend time and space. It is interesting that while listening to "Shining Star" the first words that came into my mind where "guiding light." Mehdi means "the divinely guided one" or "flower" and in a way, this music guides you into a deeper existence that is at times mesmerizing. I feel my thoughts mellowing out and images start appearing in my mind. I could see pictures drifting across my mind like mirages, appearing, disappearing. Instrumental Evolution is the 7th album (it says that in the pamphlet) he has produced for Soothing Music. The blending of Piano, Live Orchestral Strings, Solo Violin, Cello, Flute, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Rhythmic Hand Percussion captivates the heart in a unique way. It can bring you into a moment of deep contemplation or provide an escape from stress. Instrumental Evolution is also perfect as a backdrop for romance or massage. The more you listen to this CD, the more each instrument is highlighted in its own perfection. The flute is especially relaxing and exotic, while the piano is crisp and awakening. Between the notes, there is never an empty space. Just a warm, loving place for your soul to be embraced by each note.
1. Shining Star - emotionally uplifting and if you could hear stars falling from the sky in the pitch of the night, that is what you can hear at times.
2. Evolution of the Heart - A romantic piece with a slight bittersweet memory woven between hope.
3. Heavens Caravan - Ethereal high points blend with deep as the ocean sounds.
4. Flight of the Butterfly - When you hear this you will immediately see a butterfly in mid flight above a flower. Perhaps hovering and then it takes off and climbs to the sky, higher and higher, enjoying the moment, perhaps warmed by the sun and caressed by a gentle breeze. This is my favorite track because it makes me feel joy.
5. Falling Leaves - If you could create a piece that was a musical interpretation of fall, this comes pretty close. You can almost see the leaves falling one by one onto the ground in quick succession. There is a chill to the music that says winter is approaching. The clearness of the flute could only echo across a barren land in the cold night air.
6. Summer Breeze - Playful and laid back. Imagine sitting outside in the warm evening on a beach counting the stars. A loving and romantic piece.
7. Gateway To the Clouds - The guitar is featured and can at times be mesmerizing. The notes from the flute seems to dance around the notes from the guitar.
8. Book of Roses - Haunting and poetic. Sweetly and delicately beautiful. You will find yourself taking deep breaths as you surrender to the music. Just let it take you where you want to go.
9. The First Day of Spring - Newness, crisp morning air. Perhaps it has the feeling of slowly awakening from a deep sleep.
10. Heavens Caravan (Reprise) - Slow and steady contemplation. Thoughtful and inspiring.
If you enjoy Yanni, John Tesh, Jesse Cook, Smooth Jazz or New Age Music in general that creates musical pathways to journeys of the mind, then you will enjoy this album.
I think the reason this music is so beautiful is because it is uplifting and produces that floating "in love" feeling otherwise known as bliss. Instrumental Evolution invites you to experience the moment, to feel joy and to feel at one with the universe.
- TheRebeccaReview.Com

I am not a professional music critic but I have always loved music and your music is something that touches me in a very special way. I have the first 6 volumes and will get my hands on all future music you make. I first heard you at Universal Studios where I was visiting with my then 16 year old daughter who has completely different musical taste then me, however we both loved it. I play your music just about everyday and I have not even thought about a favorite song or CD. To me they are remarkable like a new sunrise everyday. I have never written any other songwriter before but to you I say thank you, you have brought me so much more than music with your sounds, you have brought me joy, peace and happiness. Your gift is a true blessing to all that are lucky enough to discover it, Please continue writing.
-Vince Mendoza Los Angeles CA

Wow!!! All I can say is wow. I'm a new age music composer myself but after listening to Mehdi I thought of going back to school! Mehdi's music is quite simply the best music ever released by any New Age artist. If you like Yanni, you'll dig Mehdi. I only came to know of Mehdi some time back and after listening to all his albums, well they just stuck on me. Even as we speak his CD is playing. Eastern Sunset, The Dream & Forever in my Heart are absolutely amazing pieces of music that I wouldn't imagine possible to write. I'm a music composer that is always sourcing for new inspiration and new sounds to enhance my music. Mehdi is a natural. He creates music straight from the heart and it reaches right into the depths of your soul. The music here is intense, rich and heartfelt. Listen to them and free your mind and I bet you'll agree with me. But you need to listen to all of Mehdi's CDs to actually see the ending otherwise you'll be left hanging. Buy these albums, tell your friends about them, decorate your rooms with them, & Mehdi, if you're reading this, You're my guru as far as I'm concerned and I'm thankful to the Creator for bringing someone as talented as you into this world. Thank you Lord!
-Ramanesh Keith Nair(Aceedburn) Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia

I was at Universal Studios about a month ago and heard you perform. Your music moved me so I purchased all of your CD's and since arriving back home, have been playing them continually. The music is breathtaking and uplifting...sheer auditory and spiritual delight. Thank you for sharing your gift and your wonderful talent.
-Denise Wagorn Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Bravo! What a simply magnificent listening pleasure! One of my co-workers and I were in Los Angeles last week and purchased a CD at one of Mehdi's concerts. Iíve purchased Music from similar artists in the past but I truly feel that I purchased a GEM today. I am now online ordering the your complete set. Keep up the good work you are extremely talented.
-Mary Jo Garofoli-Harris

The first time I saw Mehdi was at Universal Studios in California. I heard one song and was hooked. I bought all his CDs on the spot. Mehdi's music transfers your mind and soul into a world of spiritual harmony. Mesmerizing beyond words.
-Donna, Peterborough, NH

WOW...totally kewl music. Your music took me away to so many places. It is so healing and thought provoking. I play it for my guests in a spa/therapy in New Zealand and they just love it. Thanks again for your wonderful gift and please keep me updated.
-Marsha Logan New Zealand

I recently lost my husband and some friends who wanted to cheer me up invited to Las Vegas. As we entered Caesars Palace I heard the most beautiful music and instantly became drawn to it. After following the music I came upon Mehdi who was signing CDs while his music just mesmerized people. I am so glad to have met you that day Mehdi, I can honestly say that not only did your music comfort me at a time of need but it has also made me think about all the good things in life.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart...
-Agnus Conia

It happened when I was shopping amongst the masses at an art show. I was curiously compelled toward the infectious music and sat down by the nearest bench. I let my spirit wander. I was amazed by the wide array of instruments and sounds. Positively uplifting, to say the least!
-Aaron Albelo, San Gabriel

I heard the artist Mehdi performing at the La Jolla art festival in California and I was so impressed with his music that I had to purchase it on the spot. I play your music often at work and people always ask me...who is that? This is spectacular and very unique music. So happy to have purchased the gift set, all your CDs are truly outstanding.
-Tim Hodge, Stratford, NJ

I heard this your music at the Ventura Art Festival Among the crowds and people and noise, this music drew me in. I spent the rest of day listening. What a great sound.... It takes us to a place we all want to be!!!!
-Steve Borytak, Ventura, Ca

I was at one your concerts at Universal Studios about a month ago. Your music moved me so I purchased all of your CD's and since arriving back home, have been playing them continually. The music is breathtaking and uplifting...sheer auditory and spiritual delight. Thank you for sharing your gift and your wonderful talent.
-Denise Wagorn Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Went to your concert at Universal Studios and since then, have been listening to your music constantly. Just want to say thank you for a job well done, and to keep up the great music!!!
-Harry Aharonian Glendale CA

I absolutely love Mehdi's music! It takes me to far off places without ever leaving home. I know when I hear beautiful music, it always gives me goose bumps and this music does. It enters my spiritual being and lifts me into the universe.
-Ellie from Chesterfield, IN

I have all of Mehdi's music and video. My little boy plays the video and then takes his jr. guitar and Casio keyboard and tryís to make the sounds on the video. I have to admit he's getting real close. Very glad that a close friend introduced me to youíre wonderful music. Thank you from our entire family!
-Randal Coats from Tampa FL

I really love Mehdi's music! I saw him at Disneyland in California and it was so beautiful and mesmerizing. I truly believe that he is gifted, I was so overwhelmed with peace and tranquility that I had to purchase his music.
-David Stallings from Alamogordo, NM



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