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Multi Instrumentalist / Composer Mehdi bridges the gap between contemporary instrumental and alternative music. His Gold selling albums have won him recognition worldwide as a musical genius whose talents encompass both recordings and the concert stage. Mehdi has opened for Cirque Du Soleil and the California Philharmonic Orchestra. He uses concerts as an opportunity to "create vivid musical pictures" and transports his audiences on a breathtaking odyssey of the mind, body and soul.

To understand how Mehdi evolved into one of the best-loved contemporary recording artists, one need only to take a few steps back to the early years.

Creating his own road is how Los Angeles Based composer Mehdi found his way from traditional Classical and Jazz to an unexpected career twist over a decade ago. As one of the most successful creators of contemporary instrumental music, he transcended "new age" labels to establish himself as the best-selling creator of Instrumental Imagery Volume 3 (which was the No. 1 chart hit on New Age Voice’s alternative/new age chart for 11 consecutive weeks).

Mehdi has been playing the Piano since he could reach the keys and started his performing career in the 1980s working behind the scenes on numerous Feature Films, Discovery Channel, Nova and National Geographic Documentaries until he "stumbled" onto a different path in the mid 1990s.

"A friend of mine was leading a major self help seminar and wanted music that was thought provoking yet rhythmic and soothing all at the same time. I made a CD of music for the seminar and everyone who heard it wanted a copy. The overall product was simple yet unique and I loved the positive reaction I got from people. I used some of the music from the seminar on my first solo album for Soothing Music, Instrumental Dream Volume 1."

For Mehdi, it was the first step in a direction that has led to 8 albums in just over 10 years. Each new album takes me over a year to complete, as I record 15 to 20 songs for each and then pick the very best selections for the final release."

Playing The Piano, Mehdi says, is his greatest form of self-expression, especially at his concert performances where he effortlessly blends his emotionally affecting music ("a gift to the soul" wrote a recent reviewer) with audience involvement. "When I was a kid," Mehdi adds, "The first recording I ever purchased was Mozart. I can remember being especially drawn to the themes, which had some very climatic sections that would give me chills. Even as a kid, I was inspired by the great artists." The concept of being able to accomplish the unthinkable appealed to Mehdi, and he spent many hours a day in his room, practicing on his various instruments and composing new music.

Because many of Mehdi's compositions are autobiographical, the stories that inspired them strike chords with concert goers, especially Flight Of The Eagle, from Mehdi's Debut album Instrumental Dream Volume 1. Flight Of The Eagle, which Mehdi calls "one of my most personal songs," was written after a trip to Switzerland where I met a little girl named Sarah, who was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Despite her extreme condition, she always had a smile on her face and while we were getting to know each other, I started write music based on what was going on. Mehdi donates a portion of his return to help fight world hunger.

Influences, Mehdi has created music laden with rich influences from his travels worldwide. Mehdi’s inspiration comes from the beauty and wonder of nature and the everyday celebrations of life. " Music can be an uplifting and fascinating experience, one that transcends casual entertainment. It is my translation of life and I believe it describes relationships between ourselves and the entire natural world. Consider this music as a tool to quiet the mind, soothe the soul and as a reminder of life’s sweetest most cherished memories. If I had only one thing to tell the world, it would be to love. Blessed are those who understand what miracles love can accomplish, for it is the power of love that makes all dreams a reality."


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