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Great music has a way of speaking to our hearts of the essence of love. Grand compositions and melodies naive and pure have translated emotions unfathomable to the mind. Music is a universal language, whose mysterious power beckons to the soul. To celebrate this sacred and timeless gift Soothing Music Inc. offers Instrumental Paradise Volume 8 by Mehdi. These extraordinary instrumentals have their own unique style and hauntingly beautiful melodies.
Contemporary Instrumental: Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Cello, Flute, Live Orchestral Strings, Electric Guitar, Persian Oud, Sitar, Santoor, Hammered Dulcimer with Rhythmic Hand Percussion, Drum Kit all Placed in Lush Orchestral Arrangements. This collection of original compositions touches beauty, and that place deep within. Mehdi uses some great new creative ideas in this multicultural paradise that will leave you refreshed and comfortably at peace. The music is an uplifting and fascinating experience, one that transcends casual entertainment. Consider it a tool to quiet the mind, soothe the soul and as reminder of life’s sweetest most cherished memories.

All Music Composed By Mehdi
Flute And Guitar By Dan Jenks
Piano And Keyboards By Mehdi
Strings By The SMI Symphony Orchestra
Lead Violin By Tony Ragetti
Lead Cello By Jesse Von Unwerth
Persian Oud By John Bilezikjian
Hand Percussion By Yoshi Masayuki
Hammered Dulcimer By Michael A Barbieri
Sitar By Daniel J  Gupta
Santoor By Kamal Rostamian

Instrumental Heaven Volume 7 continues to be a top seller at many retailers and specialty shops not to mention all the attention it has been getting via radio. Mehdi's previous albums are also doing great on the radio charts and many radio programmers are so inspired by the beautiful melodies and fresh ideas that they have dedicated entire shows to only Mehdi's music. Mehdi’s music can also be heard on several TV stations including The Weather Channel, Discovery, PBS, Koce, The International Channel and KCET. Mehdi has been promoting his music through special concerts and fundraisers for Cirque Du Soleil, The California Philharmonic Orchestra and live Performances throughout Europe and the Western United States. We appreciate your continued support and hope that your lives will always be filled with great music!

What Is Love
Love Is The Scent Of Flowers In The Spring, It Is The Silent Choirs Of Petals.
Love Is The Song Of The Soul, Singing To God.
It Is The Balanced Rhythmic Dance Of Planets The Sun And The Moon.
It Is The Thirst Of The Rose To Drink The Sunrays And Blush Red With Life.
It Is The Ineffable, Silent Call Of The Heart To Another Heart.
It Is The Call Of God Through Silent Intelligence’s And Starbursts Of Feelings.
Love Is Heaven, Toward Which The Flowers, Rivers, Nations, Atoms, Creatures,
You And I Are Rushing By The Straight Path Of Action, Or Winding Laboriously
On Errors Path, All To Reach Heaven There At Last.


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