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Passion – Soothing Music Sampler 1
A Soldier"s Prayer ~ Ziba 6:29
The Dance ~ Aldo 3:56
Tears Of Joy ~ Ziba 4:57
Moon Dance ~ Mehdi 6:34
Garden Of Sorrow ~ Christopher Paul 3:04
Star Gazer ~ Mehdi 5:09
A Time To Remember ~ Christopher Paul 3:35
Gateway To The Clouds ~ Mehdi 7:07
Holding Your Soul ~ Aldo 3:55
Angelina ~ Aldo 4:40

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ImageryChristmas II


Great music has a way of speaking to our hearts of the essence of love. Grand compositions and melodies naive and pure have translated emotions unfathomable to the mind. Music is a universal language, whose mysterious power beckons to the soul. To celebrate this sacred and timeless gift Soothing Music offers Passion. Passion is the perfect description for the music featured on this album. These Artists have their own unique style and hauntingly beautiful melodies. Their music is an uplifting and fascinating experience, one that transcends casual entertainment. Consider this music as a tool to quiet the mind, soothe the soul and as reminder of life’s sweetest most cherished memories.

Contemporary Instrumental: Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Flute, Cello, Harp, Dulcimer, Bass With Rhythmic Hand Percussion And Drums All Placed In Lush Orchestral Arrangements.

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