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Instrumental Escape 5
One Child's Prayer 4:56
Dusk To Dawn 5:25
Escape 6:58
Bridge To Eternity 5:46
Dance Of Angels 6:06
Footprints In The Sand 6:29
Freedom 5:20
City Of Clouds 5:49
Images Of Love 5:19
Memories 3:26

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ImageryChristmas II


Instrumental Escape is absolutely beautiful. As one media reviewer states "it's obvious that this composer has poured his heart and soul into these passionate works of art". This contemporary instrumental gem includes piano, flute, cello, acoustic guitar, violin, electric guitar, drum kit and rhythmic hand percussion accented by the hammered dulcimer and placed in lush orchestral arrangements. Heartfelt, yet joyously energetic and engaging, the combining of these instruments creates a three-dimensional palette of intricate cross-rhythms and evocative soundtrack-like pieces that rise and fall like shooting stars under the night skies.

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