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Instrumental Heaven 7
Moments In Bliss 5:29
Heaven 5:59
Bridge To Paradise 4:58
Flight Of The Angels 6:17
Flowers Of Spring 5:51
Full Moon 5:30
Sweet Memories 4:40
Clouds Of Light 6:32
Rain 4:23
Peace 5:16

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ImageryChristmas II

Instrumental Heaven continues to be a top seller at many retailers and specialty shops not to mention all the attention it has been getting via radio. The music is soaring, expansive, reflective and something which can be enjoyed whether you're close to nature or just dreaming about it. The memorable string sections were written by Mehdi and performed by the Swiss Philharmonic Orchestra. These heavenly Instrumentals include piano, acoustic guitar, violin, cello, flute, electric guitar, hammered dulcimer, rhythmic hand percussion, drum kit and Japanese Taiko drums all placed in lush orchestral arrangements. This collection of original compositions touches beauty, and that place deep within.

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