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Instrumental Paradise 8
Steps To Paradise 5:36
Eternal Bliss 6:46
Guiding Light 5:40
Heavens Rain 7:15
Utopian Dance 4:54
Sacred Gathering 5:25
Blossoming Flowers 6:49
Connecting Prayer 7:16
Trees In The Breeze 6:18
Prayers Answered 3:32


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ImageryChristmas II


Instrumental Paradise, Mehdi's latest release is already receiving lots of rave reviews. Have you ever heard music so beautiful that it captivated you, lifted you up and opened your heart and mind? As comfortable as a relaxing day on the beach or as fresh as a warm spring breeze, these rich multicultural soundscapes are the soundtrack to your dreams. It's the feeling of bliss that you wish would never end. This is the music of Mehdi. We call it, "Music that sounds the way life should feel".  

Contemporary Instrumental: Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Cello, Flute, Live Orchestral Strings, Electric Guitar, Persian Oud, Sitar, Santoor, Hammered Dulcimer with Rhythmic Hand Percussion, Drum Kit all Placed in Lush Orchestral Arrangements.

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